A leading company in Telemarketing

Excellence Service integrated into a single structure.

Wise Marketing Call, a established company specializing in telemarketing; known for the quality of service provided, as well as for the high level of seriousness and professionalism.

The company initially launched its activity with a total of 9 employees, while today it has 170 employees, who work each day with devotion and dedication, contributing to further company’s growth. Human values are our greatest asset. Our big family Wise Marketing Call invite all the people who want to grow professionally, to be part of us!




We have good organization,which help us to be faced.Setting goals, targets, and objectives point us in the right direction

Excellent Service

Our greatest desire is to offer services that bring real benefits to the customers.We're committed to providing the best customer service possible.


We are able to provide you with 24/7 support for your needs.Wherever you are and whenever you need us.

Our Mission

  • Collaboration
  • Progress
  • Result
  • Success

Our work is based on integrity,confidentiality and responsibility to ensure quality professional services!

Our main mission is to maintain service standards and contribute towards a long-term relationship with our customers, as a leader in telemarketing!


  • 170 Employees
  • 3 Years

The values we transmit differentiate US

Our staff provide the right experience and support to respond to customer expectations regarding the services.
Quality of service differentiates us from others. Striving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in our job. First of all, we focus on the customer satisfaction.
We aim to improve the performance of each day in service delivery. For this reason, we use the latest technologies to handle customer service in an efficient way.
We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity, as a unified structure, able to handle the challenges to achieve maximum results.
We build trust-based relationships at work. We trust our clients and the professional potential of our staff.
We are always transparent and open to dialogue with our employees and clients in every situation.