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Wise Marketing Call

We are the result of a big family that work together for a better Future.
Be Wise, be like us!

About us

Wise Marketing Call, a leader company that provides telemarketing services and customer care.

The company initially launched its activity with a total of 9 employees, while today it has 170 employees, who work each day with devotion and dedication, contributing to further company’s growth. Human values are our greatest asset.

Our big family Wise Marketing Call invite all the people who want to grow professionally, to be part of us!

About us


We improve customer experiences by avoiding complaints and enhancing satisfaction.We follow customers step by step, giving clear instructions.


We work continuously with clients for delivering end-to-end care. We offer the most effective solutions for every emergent case.


We help customers to have a better understanding of their activities through market research and detailed analysis.


Wise Marketing Call is always open to initiate new relationships with the customers and collaborators. For each company that need the services of Business Process Outsourcing, we offer all the necessary human and technological resources. Every partnership established, is based on the principle of trust and confidence.

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Our Services

Our staff is fully focused on offering 100% customer satisfaction. The customer receives assistance even during the time he is using the service.We do the best to provide the best services, like as:


We offer Inbound Services and provide exceptional customer service to meet their expectations for specific products or services. Our staff is fully focused on offering 100% client satisfaction.

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Outbound is a marketing and sales consultancy, designed to help small and mid-sized service businesses quickly find new clients and to assist them with technical/commercial information.

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Our Back-office department ensures that the entire process of receiving products/services goes in the best way possible. The customer receives post-sales assistance even during the time he is using the service.

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Our Philosophy

  • Collaboration
  • Progress
  • Result
  • Success

We offer each other confidence, raising the spirit of cooperation based on human values!

The achievement of predefined objectives and high performance are the results which confirm this!


  • 170 Employees
  • 3 Years

The Highest Value of Wise Marketing Call are the people! Every single employee is treated as a family member.

Thanks to the cooperation and professionalism, the company progress toward accelerated growth. We work with dedication, contributing to the company’s success.





The customer’s satisfaction is our reality. We treat customers as if they are the only one!